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Mr. Lee

Scott Lee

President & Principal, SB Architects

With over 30 years of design experience, Scott Lee leads SB Architects' international design practice with expertise in hospitality, mixed-use, residential, and master planning developments. Mr. Lee is an internationally recognized thought leader with more than three decades of experience in the buildings market, large-firm operations, and talent management.

Adept at defining a design vision that blends the key elements of a brand's identity with an authentic expression of the site, Mr. Lee has solidified SB Architects' presence throughout Southeast Asia, Caribbean, and Latin America and established a number of long-standing relationships with clients and partners across those regions.  

Mr. Lee has been instrumental in the development of destination properties in established and emerging markets around the world, and in ensuring  that SB Architects' work stays true to the site and creates a strong sense of place that resonates with visitors, guests, and residents on an emotional level.

Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2020, SB Architects is proud of a site-specific, hyper-localized design approach that has resulted in legacy projects such as Calistoga Ranch, Santana Row, and Fisher Island, an exclusive island resort community that was honored with an AIA Miami Test of Time Award and has enlisted SB Architects as its primary designer for over 38 years.

As the firm continues strategic expansion and its portfolio reflects even greater geographic diversity under Mr. Lee's leadership, SB Architects will leverage its entrepreneurial spirit and architectural craft to thoughtfully connect people to each other and to iconic experiences of a signature place.

Please visit http://www.sb-architects.com for more information.

Mr. Lee can be contacted at +1 415-673-8990 or slee@sb-architects.com

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