2020: The Year in Review

The Spa industry is a notoriously late adopter of technology and innovation solutions. Now is the time for revolutionary thinking and new technologies to lead the way. This article explores technology to improve the guest experience. From market segmentation, to touchless spa treatments, to personalized spa services, new innovations enable a more efficient operations strategy and improved service delivery. READ MORE



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Christina Leme

Twitter is just like the new world of online dating. You need to swipe right on (signal affinity for) many potential suitors to match with just one normal person. And getting a match is only the start. You still need to spark a conversation and tailor it to the interests they've indicated on their profile. Careful though! If you take too long to answer, they may lose interest. Or worse-inundate you with angry follow up messages for "ghosting" them. READ MORE

Dean Minett

For many hoteliers, 'attending to social media' means dutifully responding to comments and guest reviews. In truth, it means far more than that. Hotels can no longer afford a languid approach to social media. A vivid presence on relevant channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Google – is a basic requirement for survival in a hyper-competitive landscape. What do we stand to lose by adopting an unsuccessful strategy, or no strategy at all? By understanding the cost of mediocrity in the digital world, hotels can navigate toward better engagement and stronger balance sheets. READ MORE

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