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Cate Farmer

The way travelers are taking vacations has changed. Expectations are higher. Travelers want a worry-free vacation with personality. It is all about the experiences and maybe more importantly how those experiences translate to an emotional connection. The story, the people, the adventure is as important as, maybe even more important than, the physical deliverable. The team at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort's mission is to deliver Fun and Escapism to our guests. We provide something unique and somewhat intangible and that ultimately differentiates and makes us successful. We take tremendous pride in knowing that our guests return again and again to the Resort because of this emotional connection. READ MORE

Cristine Henderson

Everything from clothing to condos are now produced with some degree of sustainable measures in mind. The extension of this practice to the hospitality industry might come as a surprise to some, especially with the added competition of short-term rental services such as Airbnb. However, sustainability has made its mark on the hotel industry and shows no signs of slowing down. Not only does this innovation help the environment and perpetuate social responsibility, but consumers love it. Read ahead for a more thorough investigation by Cristine Henderson, AIA, NCARB of Hoefer Wysocki of how the hospitality industry is incorporating sustainable measures to rebuild its foundations through design. READ MORE

David Dionne

In an ever-increasingly competitive hospitality marketplace, owners and operators look to enhance their competitive advantage by providing uniquely positive, memorable experiences. Hotel and resort owners and operators agree that a hospitality brand holds the potential to create such novel guest experiences through the amenities leaders select for the brand's identity. What is a really unique and novel amenity? A really great playground. What makes a great playground? A great playground stimulates a child's imagination, allows children to build confidence through experience and skill building opportunities and can be designed for kids of all abilities and ages. READ MORE

Justin Laxton

Providing your hotel guests with the essential items they want and need is an important ingredient of overall customer satisfaction. In this article, we'll dive into tactics you could use to identify the essentials your customers need, and discuss how the brands you stock can lead to a delightful customer experience. We'll also discuss the role local trends and sustainability can play in creating a strong customer impression. At the end of the article, you will have a good idea of how to build and maintain a continuous process to create memorable experiences for your customers. READ MORE

Lisa Ross

The vast millennial population makes them a major target group for all businesses. That's why, hoteliers must find effective ways to attract this young, tech-savvy and demanding generation. Millennials are more well-travelled and adventurous than the previous generation. Their exposure to technology sets them apart as the first to grow up fully connected. They expect something new from the hospitality industry, throughout their entire experience – from making the reservation to checkout and beyond. Read on to learn how to cater to millennial desires for customization over generalization, need to stay super connected, and appreciation for brand engagement on social media. READ MORE

Daniel Lafferty

Hoteliers are well-versed in the art of visual branding and the creation of ambient spaces, recognising the significance of brand image in attracting customers. Yet how a leisure brand sounds is becoming as important as how it looks when ensuring business success. But how do you create a unique brand soundtrack that best reflects specific brand values and personality? Daniel Lafferty, Director of Music and Voice at global audio branding specialist PHMG, explains how hoteliers can harness the power of audio to differentiate their venue from competitors by using the right combination of custom composed music, voice and script. READ MORE

Felicia Hyde

Travel has no age limit. This is one of the many reasons it's one of the world's fastest-growing industries and enjoyed by many age groups. From baby boomers to millennials to Gen X to the growing Gen Z cohort, each group has needs that drive their purchasing behavior. Pointedly, a hotel that appeals to one group may not resonate with another, so hoteliers must deliver a custom experience that leaves their target audience wanting more. To achieve this, consider these key design strategies that have transformed the multifamily industry when designing your next hotel. READ MORE

Christopher Manley

Hotels operating in a seasonal market must be prepared to continually adjust to the drastic variations in business throughout the year. By far, one of the greatest challenges for such properties is to maintain proper staffing throughout the seasonal swings. Hotels that proactively combat staffing challenges – through tailored strategic planning and cultural efforts – will be well positioned to thrive in seasonal environments. Hiring team members during the proper season, incentive programs, referral programs and career pathing efforts all contribute to creating an "Employer of Choice" brand, which is an often overlooked yet critical factor in successful recruitment and retention. READ MORE

Javier Coll

As hotel owners and investors discuss strategies for success in the coming year, a careful review of current market conditions is imperative. While supply in the international hotel market remains growing and strong, room rates are beginning to soften, and smart owners should now consider a brand conversion strategy to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, Javier Coll, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of Apple Leisure Group, shares why a conversion, with the right brand partner, is key to beating out the competition in a potentially oversaturated market. READ MORE

Brett Tabano

Consumers are spending increasing amounts of time on mobile devices, forcing brands to rely more heavily than ever on digital marketing to drive bookings and boost revenue. Unfortunately, the ever-changing digital landscape is becoming more difficult to navigate and control, often resulting in brand safety issues. From ensuring that ads don't run next to damaging content to preventing competitors and other nefarious "squatters" from exploiting the awareness you've built, marketers must take proactive measures to protect the value of their brand. As a scalable, efficient solution, a growing number of marketers are shifting to a real-time, programmatic, platform-based strategy. Here's why. READ MORE

Michael Hess

While some hotel executives may manage only one hotel operation, most owners and operators oversee hotel chains big and small. Executives have a large order of tasks, employees, guests and more to keep straight-all while keeping the bigger picture in mind to ensure steady revenue and growth. Having a cohesive data system is of utmost importance whether managing hotel chains or singular locations-from a revenue, profits, employee and guest standpoint. One area that often gets overlooked but can greatly impact your bottom line is waste management. READ MORE

Steve Lee

Autonomous Driving Technology is opening a new era of Transpitality, a new form of Hospitality merging transportation and hotel into one form. Autonomous Mobile Hotels equipped with basic sleeping, working, and washroom functions will be providing door-to-door transportation service in between traveler's home and destinations, letting travelers use their travel time more efficiently and productively. Using Autonomous Driving technology, the Autonomous Mobile Hotels will serve as a personal vehicle and mobile hotel room, offering flexible schedules, lower costs, privacy, and comfort. With growing amounts of Autonomous vehicles on the roads, there will be emerging needs of Hospitality to fit the new paradigm. READ MORE

Steven Klein

Everchanging challenges sweeping the hotel industry, from new technology-related consumer demands to rising labor costs to shifting competition, are making it more difficult than ever for hoteliers to manage soaring operation costs. With margins thinning, it's crucial hotel operators maintain profitability by performing financial audits. In this article, Steve Klein, a partner at South Florida accounting firm Gerson Preston, dives into the specifics surrounding the importance of a properly conducted, regular and thorough audit so hotels -- large and small -- remain sustainable and allow for greater efficiency to address the evolving landscape of the industry as we know it. READ MORE

Kurt Meister

Managing any hotel renovation requires management of a myriad of issues: budgets, deadlines, contractors, expectations and ongoing services to name a few. What often isn't top of mind in the early stages of a renovation is a plan to manage the inherent risk. This article addresses nine considerations every hotel operator needs to prioritize at the start of any renovation project. In fact, these nine considerations must take higher priority over your other considerations. Why? Because if you botch any of these nine considerations, many if not all of those other priorities mentioned above will be negatively impacted. READ MORE

Zoe Connolly

Industry-wide, there is recognition and agreement about the pitfalls of hiring the wrong person. Aggressive estimates say that the cost of a poor hire can go as high as $240,000, and the US government says it is 30% of the the (ill-fated) employee's salary. But as we all know, turnover is real, and there is a 100% chance a hotel, hospitality company, TravelTech provider or chain of properties will need to make a new hire. Below are five ways to ensure your next hire is the right hire, every time. READ MORE

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