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Herve Tardy

As if hotels didn't have enough to deal with amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity is becoming a bigger concern. Hackers are capitalizing on the evolution of IT infrastructure and the increasingly important role it now plays in keeping operations up-and-running. In this article, we'll cover some ways to execute an end-to-end cybersecurity strategy and keep critical power assets protected. READ MORE

Sabina Fluxá Thienemann

Tourism must come back, and the question is how. The industry has a choice: return to business as usual (or worse, take backward steps in progress) or use sustainability as a core driver for a safe return. In this piece, Sabina and Gloria Fluxà, respectively, CEO and Corporate Sustainability Officer (CSO) at Iberostar Group, share what they believe are three key aspects to consider to build a better industry. READ MORE

Rick Garlick

Now more than ever it is important that hotels look for ways to reduce friction in the hotel experience. In this article, Rick Garlick will examine the ways in which technology can help reduce friction in the hotel experience, leading to more enjoyable experiences for travelers. Such tactics that Rick suggests hotel brands adopt include one-click booking, smart luggage, and in-room technology. This article will also look at factors beyond technology that hotels have to weigh when it comes to reducing friction in the hotel experience, as interaction-less guest experiences, health and cleanliness practices, and guest communications. READ MORE

Mark Ricketts

All hospitality organizations strive to embody a corporate culture of service to guests and community. But how do we establish and perpetuate this conscious workplace culture-one that represents worthwhile goals and values as it builds strong connections within and without our organization. This article will discuss positive actions that can help drive our business and the ways they work to satisfy some of the most basic human attitudes and values. It is important to stress that a time of stress puts our corporate culture to its test. Will we pass? READ MORE

Nate Lane

Not every company out there has your best interests at heart, but it isn't always easy to tell if - or when - you've been deceived. In order to spot misleading marketing practices, hotels need to know and ask the right questions. We have detailed three examples that hotels can focus on when dealing with digital partners to ensure data transparency and to avoid long-term scams that prey on operators' trust and budgets. This way, hotels can focus on providing the best possible guest experience while trusting their digital partnerships are doing everything they can to improve business, particularly during difficult periods. READ MORE

Brenda Fields

Are companies like Amazon and Apple setting better examples of great customer service than the hospitality industry? There has been a sharp decline in the hospitality industry in basic customer service with more reliance on technology, resulting in impersonal or rote customer interactions. Many times, calling a hotel requires extreme patience because of all the sales and reservation messages and the numerous prompts before getting to the right area, if lucky. READ MORE

Jennifer Corwin

As the battle between traditional hoteliers and alternative lodging providers heats up, the major players are experimenting with how to jump into each other's markets. In this article we explore how established and emerging brands stay true to the "experience promise" that remains critical to achieving customer satisfaction objectives and loyalty -- even as travel behaviors evolve. READ MORE

Mark Natale

It is most effective when a company's branding aligns with the experience found within the establishment, giving consumers a full experience. Mark Natale, Smarthinking Inc.'s chief executive officer, says that to be successful, you must take the time to define your brand terms. In his authored piece, he details the crucial questions you should be asking yourself in order to create an unforgettable hospitality brand. READ MORE

Bonnie Knutson

How can hotels give guests the personalized and memorable experiences they want? Is Alexa the answer? What about Siri? Or maybe Cortana? Can any of them give hospitality and deliver those immersive experiences so you can delight your guests and improve your team's productivity. And what about privacy policies? Will a hotel be able to use Alexa to eavesdrop? These are the questions that every hotel will have to answer – and soon. READ MORE

Adria Levtchenko

Brought about by necessity as a result of the pandemic and the resulting curtailed staff at many properties, cross-training has helped the hospitality industry to get through some extraordinary times, while introducing new possibilities. As we emerge from the pandemic, more formalized programs of cross-training may help solve prospective human resources issues and even suggest ways to attract new talent to the hospitality industry. READ MORE

Amy Draheim

A lot can happen in a year. If hindsight really is 2020, there's much to learn from the chaos. The experiences we've hung our hat on for the last decade, from communal tables, to lobbies with energy once described as contagious, almost everything we know about hospitality has changed. While this might be true, it's also true that the nature of what we do really hasn't changed. The challenge has been to respond to needs that are constantly evolving, the needs of our guests, teams, and communities at large. Here are 6 hospitality trends none of us saw coming. READ MORE

Timothy Flohr

In project management it is critical that we ask the right questions both of ourselves and of those around us. Only by asking quality questions will we get to quality answers, whether they pertain to the execution of our day-to-day operations or the meticulous planning of a complex project's details. Let's discuss how the proper framing of our questions can help us connect-the-dots to create new ideas, solve complicated issues, and better understand everyone around us. READ MORE

Euan McGlashan

Although COVID has changed the face of hospitality for many months now; International travel must, and will return! As we all think about future business and ways to attract new guests; don't forget foreign corporate and leisure travelers. Read on for some effective tips on how to attract this important segment to your property from Valor Hospitality Partners CEO, Euan McGlashan. READ MORE

Will Traywick

The best hotel management professionals have embraced smart digital marketing strategies to position their properties for success during this difficult period. Understanding what changes and what digital strategies have been most effective in responding to pandemic challenges not only reveals what has taken place over the last 6-8 months, but also helps appreciate what hotels will need to do to thrive going forward. READ MORE

Rod Clough, MAI

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions on domestic and international travel, economic activity, and individual movement are having an unprecedented impact on the lodging and tourism industry in Latin America and worldwide. While government authorities across the region work to manage restrictions and phased reopening plans, uncertainty prevails over the duration of the global pandemic. READ MORE

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